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Early Preschool Weekly Blog.

Greetings Dear Parents,

We had a fantastic and joyful week! We would like to thank you all for coming and joining our Parent – Teacher conferences. We had a good time discussing how our children have grown physically and developmentally throughout the year. It also is a little bit sad to say goodbye to some of our kids.

Friendly Reminder:

For those Parents staying here and won’t be travelling, we will have our Summer Camp starting from June 19 – July 14, so if you want your child to join us, please reserve a spot now.

Large group

We continued our counting with 14 square magnet tiles as our number of the week was fourteen, Weather exploration continued, and attendance as well. We had already started missing our friends who are on vacation. While doing our attendance we see that two of our friends are not here with us, and they will say” Maybe tomorrow they will come” it is so heartwarming to see the love and care for each other and how they have changed on their social and emotional development. Small Group


We had our favorite music of all times to be played, to sing along, clap, and move our bodies. ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ and ‘Me’ song seems to be our class favorites. As a special day we had a shirt backward day and some of our kids turned their shirt backward and was pointing to their shirts for us to see.


Counting and color identification was what we had for Math. We started counting how many square mats which are laid out in our class room. Then classified the different colored matts, so we had green, blue, yellow and pink. So, the activity was to count how many of each color we had.


It is always a fun time where there are Magnet tiles to play with, some of our kids. built a house, car, and pizza, and explained well what they were making and for who. Mitsuki said “I make house for mommy.” Levine “I also made a house for Alen’s Car Alen “I made Truck car” Khlaid “I make pizza for you Hale!” Ildana “I make Chocolate for my brother” Leul “House for Tsedi”

Thursday’s special was Teachers and LE staff appreciation day. The children made postcards for the people they choose it was surprising to hear the names they called. It was an emotional time to see all of them using their words to explain their love and expressing it through their drawings. We would love to say thank you for those parents who took their time to come and give us a visit and also for those who sent out an appreciation words and token. It was such an uplifting moment. Thank you all so much.


As it was such a sunny and nice weather, we had our water fun which was postpend. from Wednesday. We prepared chairs outside for them to wash. After finishing the task. We got splashing and pouring water and having fun in the water. It was so much Fun!!!

Next week

Please have a look on the reminder we had sent out previously regarding next week’s special days.

Have a nice Weekend!!


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