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Our Infant and Toddlers Two weeks Blog

Hello Dear Parents,


We hope you had a wonderful week filled with joy and learning. Our week was indeed amazing, packed with lots of knowledge-building activities.

100 days of school has already finished! In those days your precious children had have the chance to develop in many areas and also made a lot of memories.

Large Group:

Our large group sessions began with discussions about what the children ate for breakfast. We followed this with our usual good morning song, attendance, and reading a book together.



Our bowling activity was not just about fun; it also helped the children understand concepts like direction, distance, and focus on the target. Additionally, it promoted teamwork and developed their gross motor skills. The children thoroughly enjoyed the activity and showed great enthusiasm while helping each other. We used recycled materials as bowling balls, and the children either threw the ball with their hands or kicked it with their legs towards the target, making the experience even more enjoyable.


In our gymnastics session, we focused on activities involving going up and down. The children engaged in various exercises and took turns going up and down steps. These activities helped in developing their motor skills, and it was nice that all the children loved participating and even requested to do them again.



During our clay activities, the children explored their creativity by molding clay into different shapes. They worked together, showing great teamwork and engagement in the task.



In our art session, we stamped different shapes onto canvases. First, we painted the background with black color and then added shapes of different colors onto the canvas. It was a wonderful time spent, and every child thoroughly enjoyed the activity.



During our library session, the children sat on pillows while the teacher read a book to them. Afterwards, the books were placed on the floor, and the children took turns choosing and reading them. They read the books together and discussed what they saw in the pictures.



In our math session, the children engaged in filling and dumping rice. They counted while filling and dumping the bowls, and they had an amazing time during this activity.



For our science session, we had a goop activity. Before starting, we ensured everyone wore art smocks, and we laid down mats on the grass area. We then mixed water with corn flour in a bowl, and the children had a blast exploring with the goop. After finishing, we cleaned up together.

 Plans for Next Week

Monday:- Music

Tuesday:-  Gymnastics

Wednesday:- Literacy

Thursday:- Science

Friday:- Math


  • Every Wednesday is art day, so places send your child with art appropriate clothing.

  • Every Thursday is library day,  so we will be sending a book that your child picked from our library, which will be returned after a week ln library day.

                                       Thank you for your time!

                                        Have a nice weekend !!!



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