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Infants and Toddlers

We would like to thank everybody for being a part of our art auction, we do hope enjoyed the event.

Small group

For small group the part two weeks we had, Music, Art, Counting, Cooperative games and Exploring with Spaghetti.

For math we had been focusing on counting. For our counting activity we prepared play dough, straws and beads. The children enjoyed putting straws into the playdough so that it can stand firmly, then we gave the children beads. After we got the beads they started putting the beads one by one into the straws, we counted the beads as the children put them down the straw.

Another fun activity we had was cooperative games. The game we prepared a maze using chairs and ropes. One at a time children went through the maze, they had wonderful time going through the path.

One other fun activity we had was Exploring with Spaghetti. We had a wonderful time exploring with boiled pasta. They were mixing the spaghetti with food color. The part that the children enjoyed the most was the part where they go to eat the spaghetti.

Activities for the next two weeks


Tuesday- Counting with Bears

Wednesday- Cooperative Game

Thursday- Water Fun

Friday- Art

Have a nice weekend!

Infants and Toddlers team


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