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Last Blog for Pre k and Kindergarten

Greeting Parents,

There is this saying,“The thing about a new beginning is that they require something to end”that’s how most teachers feel these days.The year was full

of fun,learning and lots of adventures.We are very excited to see our kids have grown up in many ways, and at the same time it’s really pitiful to say goodbye to our little friends! We're going to miss all about them!

Our week was full of fun and memorable moments!We celebrated days like two

different shoes, wearing pajamas,reading and last day of the school. It was

really such wonderful days to have with our lovely friends and we would like to appreciate parents who joined us on the reading day!

There are a lot of last and memorable pictures we took through this week! Enjoy the pictures below !

Have a wonderful and enjoyable vacation with your loved ones!

we're going miss all our little friends! Goodbye!


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