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Little Scientists at Preschool

Friday the 5th,February 2021

Dear parents,

Our geniuses kept surprising us with their unpredictable imaginations and skills. Limsa amazingly shared her number knowledge. Aylin has become more expressive in describing her observation. Eliab was also sharing his phonics knowledge. They have been coming up with unexpected ideas, in spite of their word limits. More than anything they begin to understand that everything around us has a purpose to make something.

Our recess has been a time of excitement. We have been decorating our school compound and had bubble fun.

This week’s large group

Since our group is joining the kindergartens at work time three days per a week and is working on both Ethiopian as well as Hospital centers; they have become exposed more to the things in their environment. They have got an opportunity to notice the existence of different resources that enables us to come up with unique ideas. Thus, in our large group we have been exploring our school environment and were interested in collecting some parts of plants from our school garden.

This week’s small group


Cooperative game: observing the interest of our group on counting numbers, we decided to play number ball. The teacher prepared a cardboard, cut out two holes on the top part of the box labeling numbers above them and flipped it upside down on the floor. Then each child grabbed their ball and got a turn to score a point as equal as the number labeled on the top of the scoring hole. Our group enjoyed the game: Limsa shouted, “y…e…a…y!” clapping her hands by the time she scored a point. Aylin was giggling, when the ball missed the scoring hole.


Literacy: The moment Eliab saw the flashcard of Ellie Elephant, he said, “Elephant!” Then the teacher encouraged them to describe what an elephant is. Aylin raised her hand up to her face showing that an elephant has a long nose and said, “Ephinas… ffuuuufff!” Then the teacher goes, “ow yeah! Ellie Elephant also makes a different sound when it blows its nose. Do you want hear that sound?” Eliab said, “yeah” the teacher sounded, “ e..e..e. It also makes another sound EEEEE.” Then all the kids sounded them repeatedly, lifting their hands up to their face as a pretend nose.

In our next session we will visit Ellie Elephant and listen to its story.


Library: even in this week, we read a book that reminds us the cause of being not respectful, titled ‘Be Nice’. All of us were listening attentively and had a positive impact on our behavior.


Science: We continued working on our skeleton. We have used playdoughs for our muscles, white beads for our joints and macaroni pasta for our skull.


Math: Seeing their stunning number identification, we decided to do random number recognition. At first we used net and big spoons to fish the numbers and collect them in our individual containers. After completing fishing all the numbers, each one of us tell the names of the numbers we have collected.

Special day

Art: while we were planning what to do with the plants we have collected in our large group, Eliab planned to stick his collections on a playdough. Aylin picked a white paint and decided to print them on a red paper. Limsa looked at her friend and decided to have leaf print too, but chose blue paint.

Next week’s schedule

Monday: Cooperative game

Tuesday: Literacy

Wednesday: Library

Thursday: Science

Friday: Math

Special day: Art

Have a nice weekend

Thank you,



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