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Our Weekly Blog: Early Preschool

Dear Parents,

Our week has been filled with lots of joy and new discoveries!

The day we have been waiting for, our annual ART AUCTION is finally here!!! Tomorrow Saturday, May 27, 2023! We cannot wait to have you dear parents and show you all the beautiful and amazing art pieces our children had been working on throughout this annual year. Have a good look on the art catalogue we have sent previously. Get yourself ready! You don’t want to miss out! Looking forward to having a great time!

We also had a final look around and the children were pointing and discussing around their favorite ones.

Friendly Reminder: On May 29, 30 we will have a photograph session, Individual and Group pictures.

Large Group

Days of the week, the weather, and attendance continued along with number 12 as number of the week, and we also put 12 triangle magnets on the board and counted with one-to-one correspondence. Our zoo phonics friends were r, s, t, & u. Timothy Tiger is our favorite friend from all. We like how strong he is, how he shows off his hand muscle forming a sound “t, t, t…..” and we talk how we can be strong like him by eating our food, drinking our water and resting well. Our friend Ildana mentioned “I drink milk and I become big and strong”. Book of the week was ‘Hush a bye Bunny.’

Music and movements: As music and dance makes kids active and busy, we decided to have our session a free style dances and moves, one way of learning new moves!

Mathematical Tuesdays: We brought our clouds back for counting our numbers. First, we encouraged them to guess the number which comes after one another, Like “what comes after number 1, is it 2 or 3”. We kept counting sequentially and individually with our fingers. It sure was a fun way to learn our numbers.

Literacy Wednesdays: It is always an enjoyable time when it is time to share different stories. It was our journal day. We prepared each journal book, many colored crayons, and opened a classical music and took our time to draft our ideas and thoughts on our book.

Science: Finally, it was time for us to plant our now grown beans into the soil. We started observing which beans have longer roots and identified those who were unable to sprout. Having collected those with roots we took them to the garden area and dig in a little bit and the kids placed their beans next to their pictures and the other plants from their previous experiences.

.Our Plans for the Next Week

Monday - Cooperative Games and Music and Movement

Tuesday - Math's

Wednesday - Literacy

Thursday - Science

Friday - Gymnastics


Monday - Clay

Tuesday - Dance

Wednesday - Library


  • The weather is changing so do not forget to send a raincoat, boot and hat and sunscreen for your child.

  • On our art days try to send your child with an art appropriate clothing.

  • Do not forget to return Library Folders on your Childs Library Day.


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