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Pre-k and Kindergarten

Greeting Parents,

The vibe of Meskel celebration is still around our group, the song “Abeba Aysh woy” is still stuck in their head! We are happy that they enjoyed and left some memories behind.

Exploration of Large Group

· Farwell of September: well, we say goodbye to another month, ‘Mr. September’ as Zeno puts it, and welcome ‘Mr. October’.

· The return of Zoo-Phonics: we have started revising zoo-Phonics by picking random letters.

· The Caterpillar who is always hungry: our caterpillar has reached to number 34, it is worrying them as it is getting long that it might cover the whole classroom!

Exploration of Small Group

o Habitat: this week in our habitat exploration, we talked about the different thing we can find in Snow, Jungle, Ocean, and Deseret and how we can make them use different recycle materials. It will be an ongoing project that will grow to a work time center.

o Shapes: we are continuing our exploration with addition and Subtraction in afternoon and large group sessions, this week we started a new concept about shapes. We started with 2D shapes; we first explore what shape is and what makes a shape. With the help of the board message question, everyone looked for a shape in our classroom. We then sat on our chair to explore with what side of a shape is and count the different sides they have.

o Where are you from: our topic on where we all are from is getting bigger as we include mom and dad now! We are planning to make it more exciting so please keep on reading the blog for more updates! This week we printed out some of the pictures we have received through WhatsApp and let the children explain what they see in the pictures.

o Music Friday: on Friday half of our class group was not present so we changed our plan from Relay Race to Music. We played different music and had so much fun.

Afternoon Session

Tuesday Math: this week in our math session, we continued exploring with addition and subtraction. We went through a small revision and used the unfixes to help us answer questions on a board.

Journal Wednesday: when children are exposed to drawing, they will develop the skill of expressing themselves, develop their creativity, and language and communication as they share their beautiful stories with the class. This week, after drawing different pictures, the group shared what they drew for their friends.

Hospital Center Thursday: the hospital center is something our group enjoyed from the start. They planned it, they worked on and still working very hard and now they started to explore with it. We are creating tomorrows doctors!

Next week afternoon session plan

Monday: Math – continuation on operations

Tuesday: Literacy – reading and sounding CVC words

Wednesday: science – making a rain/snow experiment

Thursday: Gymnastic

Pictures this week.


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