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Pre K and Kindergarten

Dear parents,

We had an amazing week with our dear friends, and we hope your week was amazing too. Thank you again for coming for family day, it was a blast!

In our large group sessions…

Reading time: the first thing to do in the morning is reading. Sounding out letters, enjoying illustrations, reading together and bonding are among our everyday activities we enjoy.

Calendar: as always, we counted the month, date, day, and year. We noticed April is going so fast.

Caterpillar: we reached 141 days of school coming on this week’s Friday. Our friends enjoy writing and sticking the numbers on the hungry caterpillar tails every day.

Music and Movement: the “freeze” song is back by popular demand as it’s our class favorite song this week. Nothing compares to the excitement we feel seeing our students having their priceless moments with the songs they choose. We observe new moves every day and we love it.

Sight words: “do, like, what and can” were our new sight words for the week and we are proud of our class for the quick catch up with the words, so we do not see a reason to keep it for the next week. New sight words are coming up!

Our small group sessions…

As Mondays are for Literacy, we talked about words like “on, in, under, above and between” or prepositions. We had 5 cards sticking on the board showing a teddy bear being all over the place and a description of the picture in the opposite side of the board. We told the story of the teddy bear being all over the place looking for a comfortable sleep area and use the prepositions in every sentence. Finally, we ask our students to read and match what is on the board. They were fast to do it. We worked on our listening skill, reading skill and vocabulary while enjoying the time.

Tuesday was science and we did a very simple yet important experiment with our friends. We called it “Go away or Stay”. It is a chemistry concept of “water dissolving and non-dissolving elements”. We prepare materials like salt, sugar, sand, beds and raw coffee. We gave a cup of water for everyone and let them try to mix each element with water one by one. We ask if it stay or go away. We were very happy to see the changes so quick.

For our art session, we paint using real mud and green paint. The idea was to let them relate with natural gardening area with mud and grass. We gave them mud and they put it at the bottom of their paper, and they paint grass on it with green paint. It went more than we expected, and we like the final piece.

For our social study session on Wednesday, we start a new topic Signs. We had some signs on the board and our friends were actively participating to tell us where they saw it before and what it meant. Traffic, hospital, restaurant and caution signs were what we put on the board. Our friends remember where they saw some of the signs and what the meaning is very actively. They got everything right.

On Thursday, we had math. We continued working on ascending orders. We gave our friends three numbers with tricky order and ask them to put it on the right ascending order. Everyone had a chance to do it and they did it very well.

Friday was a bit different and exciting for all of us. On Wednesday a conversation led us in to talking about ‘Shiro’ and we planned to make it on Friday. We prepare every ingredient to make ‘Shiro’ and we did it. We ate it and it was YUMMY!!

Our weekly plan

Monday – Literacy

Tuesday – Science

Wednesday – Social science

Thursday – Math

Friday – Cooperative game and activities

Our specials

Tuesday – Art

Friday – Library


- Please send your children with sunscreen and hat.

- Our Library day is changed from Thursday to Friday. Please send library folders on Friday from now on.

- Please remember to send the Library folders.


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