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Pre K and Kindergarten

Dear parents,

We really hope everything is well at your end. We are having fun filled learning days!

As always, our large group session was filed with joy and excitement. We did our calendar every day, our caterpillar is growing tall, we are dancing and singing, and we are reading our books. We had good time with our sight words too!!

We added an activity in our large group session ‘Writing Practice’. We prepared a tracing book for each of our students, and we practice writing every morning as part of our large group activity.

Our small group sessions…

In Literacy time on Monday, we continued our last week topic, ‘Preposition’. This time, we took it outside and explore with our class friend ‘The little red teddy bear’. The idea was to take our little teddy bear outside the classroom and put it in different places. We ask our friends to tell us where our teddy bear is and they were fast to say that it is In, On, Under, Between, Above and Beside different places. Now we are sure they know the basic prepositions needed in everyday life so new topic is ready for next week!!

Tuesday was Science and we started talking about the results of Technologies. To start with the basics, we want to explore about paper. Where it comes from, how it is made, how it is processed and everything in between. To have a very interesting session with our friends, we start a project to prepare our own paper from different materials through processing it. Our dear friends collected different paper products for their project. We are going to work on our project for the coming two or three weeks until we get our own paper in our hand!!

Our Art session was so much fun. We are working on cooperative artworks as a group. We were exploring with CDs, yarn, canvases, and paint. Since it is a project, we will be working on it more for the coming two or three weeks. But looking at the process and the passion of our friends, it is going to be a fine artwork!!

Wednesday was Social Study, and we had an extension of our last week topic, ‘Signs’. This week we took it outside and explore the school compound looking for signs. We are surprised to get lots of signs in our Hospital center, Office doors, First aid room and in the walls of the compound. Our friends explained the meanings of the signs with the help of the pictures, and we were very happy about it. What makes us proud even more was what happened on Thursday. During our reading time, our friends found a book with some signs on it, and they were so excited. They ask what the meanings were, and we had a brief discussion about it since the signs were all about weathers and climates.

Thursday was Math time. We had different worksheets for every child. The activity was to fill up missing numbers. We had One to Twenty, One to Thirty and One to Fifty. We give the worksheet for every child based on their developmental level since we have pre-K and Kindergarten children. We are proud to see our friends working on it with passion and interest to do even more!!

In our Cooperative Game time, we worked an activity where our friends asked to remove leaf from dry tree branch. They were fast to leave the branch with no leaf. We show them how things are easy when done together as a group while improving their fine motor skills. It was fun and very productive!!

Our weekly plan

Monday – Literacy

Tuesday – Science

Wednesday – Social Science

Thursday – Math

Friday – Cooperative game activities

Our specials

Tuesday – Art

Friday – Library

Quick reminder

- Please send your children with sunscreen and hat.

- Our Library Day is changed from Thursday to Friday. Please send library folders on Friday from now on.


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