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Dear Parents,


We had a wonderful week with our children. We had fun and did lots of engaging activities. We also celebrated Ceyla's birthday and had a great time with our children. Once again happy birthday Ceyla!

Large group


Our large group this week involved doing the calendar, identifying and sounding out letters and doing our message board. For our message board we continued on the topic ‘ending sounds and our kids are doing very well in participating. They are always happy engage in our large group and want to have more turns. We also did other activities such as counting and feeding the Caterpillar. We are getting very close to 100 as we feed our Caterpillar on every school day! We are so proud of our kids and how far they have come with us.

Small group


Cooperative game


Our cooperative game was about number recognition and counting. We had chairs lined up and then a table with numbers written from 1 to 5 on hard papers. We also had connecting clips and plates for each number so that our kids can run and collect based on the number they see. The kids then ran in zig zags and the fastest ones who ran and put the right amount of connecting clips on the plates won. The kids enjoyed the game and helped them get some exercise and build on their math skills.


On this session we continued to revise the Zoo-phonics alphabets. Our kids were participating in sounding out the letters and doing the actions for the animals. They gave their own examples such as ‘h’ for Henriette, ‘i' for Icecream, ‘u' for Unicorn and so on. We also had an activity where our children told us the beginning and ending sound of different words.



For our Maths activity we had counting by pairing different materials with numbers written on plates. We did different numbers, and our kids were really engaged. Doing this activity helps children to understand number quantity and how large a number is by looking at the how many materials are collected. This activity also enhances fine motor skills, improve their logical thinking, and build their confidence.



Our science activity was about plants and parts of a flower. We continued from the previous topics and revised the concepts such as soil, root, stem, and flower. Afterwards we gave them a worksheet where they cut out the different parts of a flowering plant and paste them on a hard paper to make the full plant. The kids enjoyed the activity very well.



We started our session by warming up by playing a game where our kids race each other and collect enough balls to put it in hula hoops. The kids themselves counted their own collected balls and compare it with their friend they raced with, to see who won. Afterwards we did balance by walking in different directions on a balance beam. This activity helps children to concentrate and improve their body coordination, learn stability, and increase their self-confidence.


Our art activity for this week was related with science. We discussed about plants, fruits and gardening. Then we showed them different sketched and colored fruits such as pineapple, apple, orange and a flower. Our kids chose different fruit of their likes. Afterwards they tried to sketch by looking at the pictures and then paint the fruits with the proper colors. They were all very interested and were engaged in the activity.

Our activities for next week will be:


Monday – Music and Movement  

Tuesday – Literacy (Zoo phonics)

Wednesday -Math

Thursday- Library

Friday - Science


Our Specials


Tuesday – Ethiopian center

Wednesday- Gymnastic

Thursday - Library




  • As it gets sunny, please send the children with a hat and sunscreen.

  • Every Thursday is our Library Day; please make sure to return the library folder.

  • Every Friday, we have Art so please send your children with art appropriate clothing.

Happy Ethiopian Epiphany!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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