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Pre-k Weekly Blog Is Here!

Dear Parents,

Greetings! We spent this week doing different fun and educational activities that our children enjoyed a lot!

Our large group this week was filled with so much fun. We did our message board, counted the Caterpillar, sang songs, discussed about our class and library rules, and our circle time as usual. The children enjoyed every moment we had!

Our small group

For Music and movement session, we started our session by doing some stretching and we chose different songs that have beats and moves; such us 'Jump to the beat', 'I can play on the beat' and 'Stomp to the beat'. Our kids were having fun following the instructions while singing the songs.

During our Journal, The children chose their favorite color and made their own journal. Most of the children were drawing things that made them happy and loved. After they finished, we gave them a chance to share what they had drawn with others. Joy said, "This is my garden! " pointing to the picture she drew in green.

Our children were delighted!

This week in the math session, we taught the children about measurement, and to do that, we used connecting cubes. First, we asked all the children to measure the length of their foot and showed them how to do it.

Milly said, "My foot is eight cubes!"

Vilfred said, "Mine is also eight cubes."

After we finished measuring our foot, we collected items of different lengths from the classroom to be measured with the connecting cubes. We let the children choose the materials they wanted and measured them. It was a fun and engaging time that our kids loved!

Our special Art

In our art session this week, we had our children go outside and paint differently than usual. Then we told them to draw whatever they want and enjoy drawing and color it in their favorite color. Our children were very happy to go outside and work in a cheerful atmosphere.

Our activities for next week will be.

Monday – Cooperative game

Tuesday – Literacy

Wednesday -Math

Thursday- Library

Friday - Science

Our specials

Wednesday -Gymnastic

Thursday - Library

Friday - Art


  • As it's sunny season, please send the children with sunscreen and a hat.

  • Every Thursdays is our Library day, please make sure to return the library folder.

  • Every Fridays, we have Art so please send your children with art appropriate clothing.

Have a wonderful week!


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