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Hello dear parents,

We hope you had a wonderful week! This week on Friday we celebrated Yazeed’s birthday. Happy birthday Yazeed!

Quick reminder: school will be closed next week for spring break, starting from Monday, March 7 to Friday, March 11.

What did we do this week?

As the last week of the semester, we have been engaging ourselves with activities and explorations that we enjoyed throughout the semester. The activities we had this week were cooperative games, literacy, and math.

During our literacy activity, we had a fun time matching our zoo-phonics letters. For this activity, we prepared big and small-sized zoo-phonics printouts and placed the big ones on the floor of our classroom. Following that the children one by one chose a zoo-phonics friend that they wanted and matched it to the one that was similar to it. Once they had matched them, we talked about the name of the zoo-phonics friend and the sound it made.

And during our math activity we had patterns activity. We challenged the children to create their own patterns without the assistance of their caregivers. Some of the children made simple patterns, meaning AB patterns, and tried to make slightly complicated patterns meaning ABC and AABB patterns.

This week for cooperative games, we had the children choose what game they would like to play, the choices we gave them were musical dots, racing, and bowling. By unanimous choice, we decided to play bowling. During our activity, the children waited patiently when it was a friend's turn and cheered them on as they threw the ball to knock down the pins.

Our plans for after the break

Monday – Cooperative Games

Tuesday – Literacy

Wednesday – Science

Thursday – Math

Friday – Library

Our special days

Tuesday – Music, and Movement

Wednesday - Art

Have a wonderful break!

Little Einsteins Preschool team


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