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September 15th Early Pre-K Blog

Dear Parents

It has been a month since the school year started! Now everyone in the early pre-K class has friends, knows the routine very well and feels loved, secured and welcomed in the school. Our Little Einstein’s are now developing personally, emotionally, physically and academically and every day is another chance for them to keep doing so and for us to guide them through this journey.

What we had for this week,

For our large group the students were so excited to share about how they spent the new Ethiopian year break and the quality time they had with their families and friends even the good food and some of the popular songs they heard.

We kept going with the number two (2) and the color yellow for this week, though we had a new song for numbers “counting 1-10 song” that the kids really enjoyed singing.

Math: In this week we worked on the students’ one-to-one correspondence counting skills where they learned how to match a quantity of objects to numbers so that one object equals one number.

Science: We followed up with the body parts topics though this time we used some playdough mats. The students did their best building body parts for the body template and worked on their fine motor skills at the same time.

Literacy: This Thursday, we went back to working on our first and basic reading skills and that is “zoo phonics”, the students enjoyed listening to the letters’ sounds and even learn the beginning sound of their names!

Library: One of the benefits of reading stories to children is building their critical thinking by following the development of events and characters in the story and also by an adult asking questions about the story. This week we read the book “Frogge Goes to School” which talks about Frogge’s first day in school.

Art: In today’s art session we had freestyle painting students used sponges, cotton buds and tooth brushes to come up with an art piece.

Gymnastics: Gymnastics is our students’ favorite way to end the week!

Doing gymnastics allows students not only to grow healthier and stronger but also to build up their confidence and team work.

Look at some moves from today’s session.

Reminders and Notes

The library book should come back in the folder every Thursday.

Friday is Art and gymnastics.

Your children must put on comfy shoes because they put them on and off many times in the day.

Thank you

Have a terrific weekend!


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