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Sneak Peek Of Our Week!

Q: How was our week?

A: Fantastic!!

We had an amazing week engaged with many activities. How was yours? Hope you had a great one too.

One of this week's biggest highlight is Our seniors, the PreK and Kindergarten class had a football game with ICS Prekindergarten in ICS Foot Ball Field.

They had the most amazing time and experience. While they were playing in the match, we were all cheering up for them in spirt form our school compound and welcomed them back with warm cheers, songs and dances. Looking to more fun times as we are now almost a month away before the school year ends!


Our Art Auction is around the corner. Hopefully you have saved the date by now.

It will be Saturday May 27, 2023. 6 PM - 9 PM. It is a black-tie event!

Large Group

The Rapid weather change has been one of our discussion points throughout this week. Noam mentioned "one time it is Cloudy, one time it is Sunny", and Levine continued "one time it is cold, one time it is hot" we have been adjusting quite well to it. One thing we consistently had been hydrating ourselves, drinking water now and then. We choose for this week. We talked about sharing our toys and materials with our friends and family, how to ask nicely, and that it might not be nice to say "no, Mine"

Our Message Board consisted, days of the weeks, how is the weather today? Number of the week- 11 was our number of the week. Counting with unfix blocks. and attendance.

Songs: we had new songs, 'ME!', 'Hello, Nice to meet you', 'Good Morning' and our friend Leul asked for an Ethiopian music, we opened one and danced along the beats.

Our Small Groups

Music and Movements, Math's, Literacy, Science, and Gymnastics.

Music And Movement: We learned new songs and their steps and dances.

Math's: Our weather discussion gave as one idea, and we were able to plan counting activity. After talking about clouds, their color and trying to count how many clouds we see on the sky, we concluded that clouds on the sky might not be countable but if we draw the clouds on a paper maybe we can count, following this we drew clouds on a paper and drew different kinds of shapes and symbols in the cloud. Our counting was "1-16" so one cloud might have 2 star shapes the other might have 4 and so on, we then prepared mini number cards so they can match it.

we helped one another counting! some were telling their friends "I have 10 here" some were asking "what is this number?" It was a good time. we will repeat the same activity for next week as well.

Literacy: We revised our Zoo phonics Letters, from 'a-z'. all of the children are now familiar with our zoo phonic friends. We laid all letters out on the mat, then let them choose first which one they wanted to explore with. Amazingly the letter some kids were trying to find was their names initials, after finding it they will try to show the action and the sound they make.

Science: Guess what? Our Bean has sprouted well and grown a long stem and now is ready to be planted. We were all happy to see the changes and the growth! Our friend Khalid said, "it is growing because it drinks water and gets sun." by next week it will be planted in the soil.

.Our Plans for the Next Week

Monday - Cooperative Games and Music and Movement

Tuesday - Math's

Wednesday - Literacy

Thursday - Science

Friday - Gymnastics


Monday - Clay

Tuesday - Dance

Wednesday - Library


  • The weather is changing so do not forget to send a raincoat, boot and hat and sunscreen for your child.

  • On our art days try to send your child with an art appropriate clothing.

  • Do not forget to return Library Folders on your Childs Library Day.


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