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The Bug Collectors

Dear parents,

What a wonderful week we had! We would like to thank you all for join us in celebrating Meskel last Friday.

What did we do this week?

During our large group we have been focusing on number recognition and the days of the week.

The number we talked about the whole week were numbers 1 and 2. We talked about their shapes and tried to create the shape using our hands and legs and the rest of our body.

For small group this week we had Literacy, Math, Library and Science.

For Literacy this week we continued exploring with letters. The letter we talked about was ‘b’. We started our activity by reminding the children about the letter we talked about last week, which was ‘a’. Following that we introduced our new zoo-phonic friend “baba bear”. Then we told the children a story of how much Baba Bear likes to reach into a beehive and eat honey. As the children imitated the action that Baba Bear makes as he reaches for the honey, we talked about the sound he makes when he eats the honey. Following that we gave the children a print out of the letter ‘b’ and play dough so that they can trace the shape of the letter using the play dough.

Our Science activity this week was Bug Hunting. For this activity we prepared some magnifying glasses and cups.

When we start the activity, we talked about how we find different types of bugs and insects in our garden, and we might be able to find some and put them in a cup. The children got excited and started to look for insects on leaf’s, barks of trees and on the ground using their magnifying glasses. Unfortunately, the only insects we could find that day was sugar ants.

Our work time centers were Blocks and Hospital center. And our special activities were Music and Art.

The children had a fun time at the hospital center. It was the first time our group went into the Hospital center. We had great time as we explored with different areas like of the center, area like the reception area, ambulance, laboratory, surgery room and café.

What are we up going to do next week?

Monday – Cooperative Games

Tuesday – Literacy

Wednesday – Science

Thursday – Math

Friday – Library

Our specials for next week

Tuesday – Music

Wednesday – Art


· We have started sending the children with books every Friday on our Library day, please make sure to send the books the following week so that we can change the book for the children.

· On Wednesday please send the children with Art friendly clothing.

Thank you and have a nice weekend!

Early Preschool and Preschool team


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