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The Yogis!

Greeting parents,

“Imagination is stronger than knowledge” and this saying happens to be true when you spend time with children. When they express their imagination, you can not help yourself but to be in their imagination world too. The reason we say that, during recess while jumping in the trampoline with Sachi and Yanet, we lay down for a bit and started to stare at the sky. Yanet said, “I want to fly like the birds in the sky” Sachi continued, “We can just pretend to be birds”. Yanet, said, “No like a real bird, I want to have a wing and fly” they both just lay back and stare at the sky for a while. Sachi then said, “Yanet remember I am the fairy princess, I can give you a wing.” And Yanet said, “Ohh ya, I forgot, now give me two please!” then Yanet fly away!

Our small group exploration

CVC spelling: we have been exploring with letters and their sounds for many sessions now. Last week, our literacy was about spelling CVC words. We used the small Zoo-Phonics as our letters to help us with the spelling, we had words that has only three letters like, Cat, Bat, Jam, Pot… It was “Easy peasy” activity. Zoo-Phonics really helped a lot for both group to spell all the letters correctly.

The Data collectors: since children are curious by nature, our groups have been going around the garden to check if our seeds has sprout. They would also go to the beans in the cup if they see any changes. Last week we took our groups to the garden and ask them to observe and collect the difference between the seed in the soil and the bean in the cup. They did they little investigation and brought back what they observe to the class.

Differentiating 2D and 3D: after exploring with different 2D and 3D shapes, our group started to see the difference between those shapes. Last week, we gave each of the children 2D and 3D shapes, after exploring with them for a while; they come up with their difference. We used the word “Flat” to express the 2D shapes and “Stand” to the 3D shapes, because they can stand in any direction we put them.

Continents: we are continuing our exploration about continents. Last week, we explored with the four continents, Africa, North America, Europe and Asia. We first spell out the letters of the continents so it will be easy to remember. We then help them to stick their name pictures on the continents they from. Since we have worked on it for quite sometimes, it was really easy for them to try it by themselves.

Yoga pose 2: the last time we did Yoga, everyone was so happy to do it again. As promised we explored with different poses that we have not done before. It was very relaxing and fun to do.


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