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This Week In Our Pre-k!!

Dear Parents,

Greetings! Dear Parents, we would like to welcome you back from fall break. As always, we spent this week doing a lot of fun and educational activities.

Join us for this year's first family day happening on Saturday, November 04,2023.

Our large group

As usual, our session was filled with fun child-centered activities. As we always do, before our session starts, we give our children free choice materials so that they can explore the materials they want. Then we started our session with our children's favorite and chosen songs and then they shared with us one by one how they spent their fall break. Leayne said "My mom and I went to a restaurant and ate pizza” then Joy shared how they had a good time, saying, "My sister and I ate a lot of chocolate at a party at Ceyla's house." All our children's favorite songs this week were 'Macarena' and 'Down by the bay'. Then we had a good time reading books, doing circle time and our message board.

Our small group

Cooperative game

The game we had this week was really fun and involved all the kids. First, we divided the children into two groups and put a box containing many parachute balls in the middle and two baskets in front of them, we told them that the one who took the ball out of the box and put it in the basket the fastest and collected the most balls would be the winner. Our kids loved the game a lot!


On this week’s Math class the children continued to learn more about writing numbers. As number tracing helps kids to identify numbers and develop their motor skill, our children were learning how to write numbers by doing tracing.

Science this week! It was a session that our kids really enjoyed and loved! In the past sessions, our children had fun doing activities that develop their sense of taste, listening, feeling and sight. We collected five different types of herbs that we thought had a good smell and gave them to each of them in their plate. The children smelled each herb in turn and were able to identify their smell. All of our kids loved the lemon scented leaves and Milly said, "I don't like this one! It smells yucky!"

Our special – Art

In the Art session we had this week, we prepared boxes for our children to take the sculptures they made. We told them to decorate their boxes in the way they want, thinking that they would be happy If they took the different sculptures they had made with clay every time they entered the clay center. Our children were happy with the idea and decorated their boxes with different things like thread, puzzle pieces and other materials of their choice. They were very happy and loved the final look.

Next week plan

Monday – Cooperative game (Songs with different movements)

Tuesday - Literacy ( Journal)

Wednesday – Math (Number recognition and tracing)

Thursday- Library

Friday – Science (Taking care of plants)

Our specials

Wednesday – Gymnastic

Thursday - Library

Friday – Art


  • As it is a sunny season, please send your child with a hat and sunscreen.

  • Every Thursday, we have library so please don’t forget to send the kids with their library folders.

  • Every Friday, we have Art so please send your child with art appropriate clothing.

Thank you!!


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