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8th of December Early Pre-K Blog

Dear Parents,

We would like to take the chance and thank you for coming to the first parent teacher conference of this academic year.

Large group: For this week in large group, we continued with the number eight ‘8’, the color brown and the rectangle shape. Our morning massages was about counting numbers 1-20, tracing numbers 1-10 and finding some zoo phonics on the board.

“Noha write number 21”

“The rectangle has four sides”

Math: This week we worked on our counting skills and number identification. We did a counting worksheet were the kids had to count objects on one side and match it with a number on the other side.

Cooperative game: Our game focus for this week was team work and gross motor skills. We split the class into two groups and each group has to move a number of balls from one side to the other. The kids enjoyed the game!

Music: This week music class was all about exploring and identifying the sound of three musical instruments 'Drum, Xylophone and keyboard'. Each kid got the chance to try the three instruments and then we played a game where we play the sound on the speaker and the kids guess which instrument it is.

Science: This week’s science session was about farm animals. The kids enjoyed having a conversation about the different farm animals, the sound they make and the food they eat.

“They live together because they are friends”

“Horse is my favorite animal”

Literacy: This week literacy class was all about zoo phonics. We played a game where each child has a zoo phonic card and we were calling each phonic to and see who has it, we continued till we finished all the letters.

Library: Our class now is more interested in story telling than before. This week story book was under the title “A squash and a squeeze”. It is a story about an old lady who thought that she has a tight house but after trying to fit four animals with her she recognized that her house in not small.

“The cow is on the table”

“If the goat eat the table leg it will break”

Art: Our art class was associated with the science topic ‘farm animals’. We did a chicken by making a hand print!

Gymnastic: In today’s class we practiced the hand stand move. Then we finished our class with some stretches.

Our schedule for next week:

Monday- Math

Tuesday- Cooperative game

Wednesday- Science

Thursday- Literacy

Friday- Art

Our specials

Tuesday- Music

Wednesday- Ethiopian center

Thursday- Library

Friday- Gymnastics

Reminders and notes

  • Thursday is our library class remember to send the library folder and book.

  • Friday is Art class have your child wear suitable clothes.

Have a good weekend!


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