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Another Action Packed Week In Pre K!

Dear parents,

It has been a wonderful, productive yet engaging week in Pre K! We hope you have all had a lovely week as well. This week, the kids got active in music and movement, came up with a brand new class story and some new entries in journal time, finished off a project in art and so much more! We want to once again extend our very warmest birthday wishes to Leayene and Oliver! We had a fantastic time celebrating together today. Additionally, our annual art auction is coming up! The flyer for that event is below.


Large Group

This week in large group, our class got a chance to continue with their daily routines of the class helpers, counting the caterpillar, reading the board and circle time center, and more. In addition to our usual large group activities listed above plus reading books as a class, we got a chance to have some very engaging discussions collectively. As the school year is slowly culminating to a close, the children are feeling introspective and reflective! The kids brought up various deep topics such as how to be a good friend, saying goodbye to the country you are in to move to a new one, and more. The class were overall incredibly engaged any time one of their classmates brought up this topic and showed a beautiful level of attentiveness and support to their friends when discussing these emotional concepts. The bonds that these students have formed is a wonder to witness and we hope to see them continuing these friendships even after their time at LE!


Music and Movement

This week in music and movement, the class had a blast moving their bodies to some of their favorite songs, and even got a chance to do something new! We warmed up with the “Hello from your Head to Toes” song, and then the children danced their hearts out to some classics like the Freeze song, “The Floor is Lava”, “Elephants Have Wrinkles”, and much more. The enthusiasm and energy were palpable! Then, the class started working on their very own exciting choreography. They have done such an amazing job throughout the year memorizing movements and improving their rhythm, coordination, and confidence. What better way to commemorate all of that than to come up with a class dance? This session was the preliminary brainstorming time where the children tried out new moves and showed them to their friends. They have some amazing, creative ideas so far and we can’t wait to see how their group dance develops! We are so proud of our class of dancers.





This week in literacy, the class put their newfound confidence as writers from the habitat storytelling sessions to work and made a brand new story as a group! We love how well the children are cooperating with the increased amount of large group work activities. Their communication skills, willingness to share and help, and ability to compromise is truly impressive.


 To start with, we introduced the activity to them which is that they would be making a collaborative story, one short sentence or phrase at a time. To begin one child says one word or phrase to start the story off. For example, the teacher started off with the word “once”. Then, a student said, “upon a time”, and the next student said, “there was a duck” and the story built from there.


The story turned out to be an exciting one indeed, full of interesting characters and plot twists! In the beginning, a duck swims to a pond. After a while, he gets out and sits on the grass. Then, he comes across a friend- the dog! The dog sees a cat nearby and chases it, ultimately catching and eating it. But in an exciting surprise, a unicorn came along to save the cat from the dog’s belly! In the end, all of them become friends and went away on a vacation to Nigeria together. The children’s boundless creativity and enthusiasm always amaze us! We are looking forward to compiling this with some of their habitat stories into a storybook.



It was a week of review in math for the Pre K class. In the first math session, we asked the class if they would rather do patterns or subtraction activities with our class materials. They chose patterns, so we had a wonderful time working together on reviewing what we had learned about patterns. The children have retained an incredible amount of information, and they made a variety of simple (ABAB, ABCABC) and complex (AABB, AABAAB, etc) patterns! We are so proud of them for being able to demonstrate how much they remember. Then, in the following math’s session they got active on some individual subtraction worksheets, with some exciting graphics to make it more engaging for them. The students were very focused on these, and even made some insightful connections to other math’s topics like addition and big numbers.



This week in art, the Pre K class put their creativity to work and finished up a big canvas project! We also started discussing what our next art piece will be, and as usual there were a variety of amazing ideas shared. Last week, the class worked on the volcano canvas and covered the majority of the upper third of the canvas with a beautiful flurry of red, orange, and yellow to represent the lava coming up as well as some black to show the smoke created. This week, they filled in the rest of the canvas. They chose to make a serene light blue sky, which contrasts amazingly with the darkness of the smoke and vividness of the red/orange. Then, it was time to paint the body of the volcano! For this, they went with a classic warm toned brown. All that’s left now is some final detail touches, and yet another masterpiece will be complete.


Our activities for next week will be:

Monday- Cooperative Game

Tuesday- Literacy (zoophonics)

Wednesday- Math

Thursday- Innovation Center

Friday- Science


Our Specials

Tuesday- Ethiopian Center

Wednesday- Gymnastic

Thursday- Library

Friday- Art




●       Please don’t forget to send your child with a hat and sunscreen as it gets sunny after snack! The weather has been fluctuating lately, so if it is rainy, please also send them with rain appropriate clothing.

●       We are still collecting recycled material for our innovation center, so if you can spare any, we would greatly appreciate it!

●       On Thursdays, please return their Library Folder.

●       On Art days, please make sure to send your child with art appropriate clothing!


Have a wonderful weekend!




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