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Bi- Weekly Blog

Greetings Dear parents,

These two weeks were amazing and joyful. We did some exploration and fun activities.

We said welcome to Michael (Papi) and Ivana in our Infant and Toddlers class.

This week in large group

Our large group was fun and amazing, first we sang hello and Ali baba farm song then we worked on our attendance. The kids picked their friends' pictures then they gave it to them and stick it on the attendance board. Then we sang two of our favorite songs and we read a book under the title " They going to bed book".

Cooperative game

We had a game with parachute and small colored balls on the grass area. First we talked about the material and the game rules and how the game works. After that we started to play. The kids Loved this activity.


On literacy class we worked on our journals. First each one picked a colored paper and a crayon then the kids started to scribble on the papers afterwards the kids shared with the class what they drew.

"Mammy and Daddy"


"Big circle"


On the art session we made leaves panting. We collected the leaves, then the kids chose their favorite color paint and paper and they started to paint the leave and stamp on the paper. The children were engaged on this activity.


On our science class we explored with shaving cream on the light box. Before starting we put on the art smock then we introduced the material and how to explore, after that we started to explore. The kids were happy and they kept saying "more ". After finishing our activity the kids cleaned up the light box with a towel by themselves!


For our Library session, we had the chance to explore some book and then read a book to gather. Also, everyone chose a book to take home. Our children were very interested and happy to choose a book, and started to read books.


For our math activity we did matching with different shapes like circle, square, triangle ,rectangle, we introduced the shapes and they started to match.

Plans for Next Week

Monday: - Music and movement

Tuesday: -Gymnastics

Wednesday: - Literacy

Thursday: - Science

Friday: - Math (Shape)


  • Every Wednesday is Art Day, so please send your child with an art appropriate clothing.

  • Every Thursday is Library Day, so we will be sending a book that your child picked from our library, which will be returned after a week on library day.

  • As the weather is changing please make sure to send your child with a sunscreen and a hat.


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