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Hello Dear Parents,

We hope you had a nice week just as we did. we would also love to wish you a Marry Christmas and Happy new year. This two weeks we worked the Christmas and new years activity.

Our Large group

We have been starting our large group by singing the good morning song then we sang Dawn by the jungle, five little monkey and miss poli had a dolly song and we read 'At the Parke' book.

Painting the Christmas tree

We did  painting the Christmas tree, we cut the paper in the shape of Christmas tree and the kids painted green the Christmas tree, the kids were very happy and excited.

Decoration the Christmas tree

 We decorated the Christmas tree with different color  and shapes turn by turn, our children's did this activity well and they were asking "more".

Snowman activity

We made snow man outside, we cut the shape of snow man on the big paper then the kids stick cotton and they painted the snow man hat.


 We had a cooking activity. cookie. First we washed our hands before starting the activity and we gave  them plate and we put floor, oil, egg, milk, vanilla and baking powder then the kids started to mix after that they stamp the numbers on their cookies and they were happy about the activity and we all had a good yummy cookie made with love and care.

Christmas socks

we had an interesting activity, we made Christmas socks using red and green papers  and they chose the color they want for their socks and after choosing their preferred color paper they started sticking cotton in their socks and the outcome was really amazing and they were all engaged and had fun while doing the activity.

Making postcard

Our kids made a new year postcard, they used colorful paper and crayons to make their new year postcard ,they were happy and engaged doing the activity.

Plans for Next Week

Monday:- Music

Tuesday:-  Gymnastics

Wednesday:- Literacy

Thursday:- Science

Friday:- Math


  • Every Wednesday is art day, so places send your child with art appropriate clothing.

  • Every Thursday is library day,  so we will be sending a book that your child picked from our library, which will be returned after a week ln library day.

                                       Thank you for your time!


                                        Have a nice weekend and happy holiday!!!




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