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We had an amazing week, it was short, but it was still fun. Hoping our parents had a smooth one too. We welcomed back our friend Khalid after a long vacation time.

Reminder!! Tomorrow, Friday May 05, 2023, school will be closed for the celebration of Ethiopian Patriots Day!

Large Group

This week for large group the children had a wonderful time exploring with the different areas we have in our large group room. This week we took our Math's (Pattern) corner out and we brought more books to our reading corner, as the children were more interested in books. we had the Books, "Biscuit, I love hugs, the Going to bed book."

On our message board we had number nine for this week, and our Zoo phonics friends 'm, n, and o'. we explored with weather, attendance and days of the weeks as well.

We sang the hello song every day during large group and all the kids started to sing along and say hello to all of their friends by calling their names. Some of the other songs we sang were the “Five speckled frogs” song, “Bingo,” and “Weather song".

Small group

Movements, matching shapes, zoo phonics matching, and experimental science activities.

Movements Mondays: We had an extra fun, and our class has begun to be all energized! Way to start the first day of our week. We danced and moved our bodies in every possible way we could. We played different styles of songs, played with our hands, clapping, shaking our hands wiggling our fingers, moving our heads side to side, jumping on our feet's, twirling, doing Criss cross. We exercised our body well. We danced and moved till the last minute. we were all out of breath and had to go look for our water bottles.

Mathematical Tuesdays: Our exploration with shapes continued. We repeated the matching shapes activity. We sticked the different shapes on their similar figure drawn on a paper.

Zoo-Phonics Wednesday: We went back to matching but with a different material we used the small zoo phonics flash cards with the bigger sized Zoo-Phonics papers we worked on their sounds and action which mostly showed us their recognizing skills, identifying skills and reciting skills and at the same time we helped some of our friends who came back after a long break. It went well and we will be doing more Zoo-Phonics with different activities.

Experimental science: After a long a good observation on our beans and chickpeas for a week, we had a good view about how our seeds have changed. if they have sprouted or not, if they need more water, and we were also able to differentiate between the size of the one we had in a cup with water for a week and the dried ones, they all said that the seed we wanted to sprout has gotten bigger, because it was drinking water and getting sun every day. It was a really good observation and analysis they had. we added a little amount of water and put them back on the window for another week of sprouting.

Our Plans for the Next Week

Monday - Cooperative Games and Music and Movement

Tuesday - Math's

Wednesday - Literacy

Thursday - Science

Friday - Gymnastics


Monday - Clay

Tuesday - Art

Wednesday - Library


  • The weather is changing so do not forget to send a raincoat, boot and hat and sunscreen for your child.

  • On our art days try to send your child with an art appropriate clothing.

  • Do not forget to return Library Folders on your Childs Library Day.

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