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Hello dear parents,

How was your week? ours was good. Most of our kids are getting back from holiday break and we are having almost a full class, and we are happy, they are all here. We have also accepted two kids from Pre-K class.

We also had 2 birthday parties and all the kids were having fun and all our kids took the gifts they gave them. once again Happy Birthday Haon and Abigial


Large group

For our large group session, we started by singing the good morning song. Purple was our color for this week as well Rhombus was our shape for the whole week. Participating in the circle time calendar activity strengthened our time management skills, and sharing about our days allowed us to connect with one another. It was a week filled with learning, being respectful, creativity, and friendship.



For our literacy session this week, since most of our kids had traveled, they were all telling us about their trip, and their break, so we spent all our small group discussing about the kids’ trip and the thing what we have been doing for the winter break for Christmas and New Year with the rest of the kids that were staying with us.

-      I was making pancakes with all the teachers. “Yazzed 

-      I was sliding on ice really fast. ”Ruut”

-      Me make snow man. “Kevin”


For our math session we were revising what we have been doing for the past weeks which was addition, subtraction and for the kids that came from Pre-K we let them sort out numbers by counting and matching them with their specific numbers all the kids were happy to revise it and were engaged as well as were doing all the things in a group.

-      Count the number ? “Haon”

-      I know this addition box.”Yazeed”


 This week for our science session we revised what we did previously which was the firework using oil, food colors and water and the kids have been asking to do again this activity and they were happy that we did the activity again and they were as excited as they were for the first time and the results were amazing and the kids had fun while doing the experiment and were also doing it in a group and the way they were waiting for each other to mix the food color and the oil as well as waiting for their turn to pour it in the cup. It was nice to see them help each other out.

-      Red is strong color? Andre

-      Green is strong. “Haon”

-      Let's mix turn by turn. “Frankie”


This week for our art session our kids were writing their names on paper and coloring their name in any form that they want using glitter and paints and they did a really amazing job and they were all happy as well as engaged while doing the activity.

Our plan for next week is as follows: -

Large group

Songs: -Good morning songs

Circle time calendar



Small group

Monday: - Literacy

Tuesday: - Math

Wednesday: - Journal

Thursday: - Science

Friday: - Co-operative game / Music


Monday:-Ethiopian center

Wednesday:- Library

Thursday:- Art


-  Every Wednesday is our library day, so we will be sending a book that your child picked from our library, which will be returned after a week on library day.

-  Every Wednesday we have Football, so please send your child with football appropriate clothing.

-  Every Thursday is our art day so please send your child with art appropriate clothing.

Thank you for your time!

Have a blast weekend!!!





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