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Dear Parents

Welcome back to the second semester! we hope you had a nice vacation and holiday! We had a fun and educational week with our children. This week we welcomed kids that moved from early Pre-K to our class.

Large group

We had a wonderful time during our large group. Our children had fun playing with different materials in the classroom. We did our usual circle time center such as the calendar, the letter, and the color of the week. We also continued to do our weather of the day and did lots of counting. Our kids were happy to participate and were engaged in the activities.

Small group

Music and movement

We had an energetic time during our session. We chose a song called ‘Move’ that had different actions and moves. The actions were about moving to the left, right, turning around and wiggling fingers. It was also a song that was helpful for reviewing body parts and developing their listening and focus skills. They loved it so much that they danced twice to the song and wanted to dance for the third time.


Journal is a great way where children learn to express themselves and share their ideas to their class. They drew pictures of their surrounding and the things they like to do in school. They used markers and made their drawings colorful and beautiful.


Our Maths activity was about ordering from smallest to biggest/biggest to smallest. We had a paper with different sizes of pictures. Then the kids cut out the pictures by themselves and used glue to stick it in the correct order. Most of our kids wanted to arrange the pictures from the biggest to the smallest. This activity helped them to observe and see differences between different sizes of pictures that look similar and arrange them in the correct order.

Our Art session was fun and creative. We gave our kids a paper that had their first letter names written on it. Since the letters were big in size, our kids were able to do different designs and decorate it with lots of colorful materials. This activity helps our kids to have more focus and recognize letters and the beginning sound of their names, while also having a good time.


This week for science our focus was on plants and how plants grow.  We talked about what plants need such as water, air, and sunlight. We then took on a project where the kids use beans and water in a cup stuffed with cotton balls. Our kids put the cups by the window where it will get enough sunlight. The kids will then be able to see the progress of the beans and observe how it sprouts and grows through time.

Our activities for next week will be:


Monday – Cooperative game

Tuesday – Literacy (Zoo phonics)

Wednesday -Math

Thursday- Library

Friday - Science


Our Specials


Wednesday- Gymnastic

Thursday - Library




  • As it gets sunny, please send the children with a hat and sunscreen.

  • Every Thursday is our Library Day; please make sure to return the library folder.

  • Every Friday, we have Art so please send your children with art appropriate clothing.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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