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Early Pre-school

It was Another fantastic week at little Einsteins. The kids enjoyed all the messy activities we did through out the week. Here is a brief description of it.

Large Group

This week in large group, we enjoyed singing good morning songs, reading our favorite books and talking about other favorite things to do. Some Quotes in our large group include

”Silly Dizzy Dinosaur” book is my favorite.”

“This is my favorite dress”

Small group

This week for our exploration, we had Literacy, Science, Math, Light-box, and library. We explored with different materials in each exploration areas. But the most fun we had was Literacy. We had fun hunting letters in sand, water, and rice. We talked about the letters as well as the textures of the materials. The kids enjoyed how messy the materials get and was not afraid to be messy.

Work time

Kids enjoyed going to the different work time centers. The centers we had for this week are magnets and puzzles, cars and trucks, camping and ocean. Ocean is a new and developing center that explore about the concept of the water world.

Early preschool Exploration Schedules after the break

Monday- Math

Tuesday- Literacy

Wednesday- Science

Thursday- Library

Friday- Light box


Monday - Art

Wednesday- Music and Movement


  • Next week (October 16, 2017 to October 20, 2017) School will be closed for fall break

  • Please don’t forger to return their library folders on Thursdays.

Have a wonderful break!!

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Free - +251 921 331 264

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