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Preschool this week.....

Dear parents,

We had an incredible week with the children. We were having a great time telling each other stories during recess and we loved hearing the 'Lion king '.

Large Group

This week's most favorite book was “That Yucky Love Thing” while reading we discussed how important it is to love and respect our friends and families. We enjoyed listening to the song “Funny Faces”. We focused mainly on math concepts for our board message.

Small group

As our weekly schedule our small group activities were consisted of journals, math, science, literacy and library. For our math activity we tried to distinguish different colors and stick cheerios on our traced shapes. We explored with chalks for our science activity using different colored chalks, papers and water. Our friends were very excited to find out how the color of the chalks changed before and after we dipped them the water.

Work time

Dramatic play, Space,Jungle, Lightbox, Sound Wall and Blocks

Next Week

Monday- Journals

Tuesday- Math


Thursday- Literacy

Friday- Library


Monday -Music and Movement

Thursday- Art

Phrases from here and there!

"Kangaroos have pockets and they put their babies in it "

"The sun went down and i am sleeping in my bed and there were lots of scary things because it was night time"

"Scarecrows scare birds away,so how are they ever going to get food,because they're always scared,i can't eat if i am scared".


* Due to start of the dry season please pack hat and sunscreen.

* On Thursday please make sure your child wears old clothes and shoes for art.

* Please don't forget library folders on Friday for the kids to check out books.

* Please be informed that school will be closed on February 17 due to teachers work day.

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