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Early pre-school

Dear parents,

We had such a wonderful second week. We have welcomed Hazel from her break which is a good addition to our group. In the coming week, we are planning to start checking out Book from library on Wednesdays and our art days is going to be Thursdays.

Large group

In our large groups this week, we had focused on making social interactions and sense and knowledge of belongingness. We tried to solve problems by working together and help friends when they needed things. We also tried to learn each others names. We also sang our different songs and read books. Our favorite book for the week was "Baby Bear". Next week we are planning to start a message board and introduce new songs about animals.

Small group

Most of our Exploration activities were introductions. In math, we introduce color and counting with bears. In literacy played with 3D letters and playdough. Next week we will continue our counting and colors activity in Math. We also continue our Playdough and 3D letters activity. We are also planning to investigate and observe living and non-living things in our science room.


  • On Thursday please make sure your child wears old clothes and shoes for art. It could get messy.

  • Due to flacuating weather conditions, please pack sunscreen and hat for sunny days and boots and rain cloth for rainy days.

Have a nice Weekend.

Henock and Liya

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