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Dear parents,

Finally the time has come! We have been nothing but excited to be host of this family day, we have been counting down the days till today. We planned, set up, decorate, make signs and banners. We can’t wait to have you all and have fun with us.

The coming week will be new beginning for some of preschoolers because they will be transitioning to kindergarten. Blythe, Ruby, Saima and Anne. We feel they are ready to move to the next class and see how they will do. And like we mentioned to those parents it’s going to be very flexible since most of them are not even 5 years old yet. As always lets work together and help them in their transition, if there is any questions or concerns you can contact us during work hours.

Our small group has been focused on continues activity from last week. We are going to continue with those for next week as well. Thursday and Friday has been setting up and planning for family day.

Next week plans

Monday- Science

Tuesday- Math

Wednesday- Library

Thursday- Literacy

Friday- Co-operative games

Specials: - Mondays – music

  • Fridays- art

Reminders- no school on march 2nd due to Adwa victory

  • Old clothes and shoes for art

  • Return library folder on Wednesdays

  • Rain coats, and sun screens since the weather is unpredictable.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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