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Pre-k News

Dear parents,

We had a fun week in Pre-K class. We had new ideas in our large group. One of the games we played was the pre-ks' clues' (you can ask them and they can teach you at home). We also have a spinning wheel that lets us choose the next segment of the day.

Our small groups are getting more challenging and fun. For math we did number flags and

used beads to help us count. Later on we explored with two digit numbers. Letter hunting was so much fun, we loved being discoverers and found the hidden letters (capital and small) inside the sand and then we matched them.

Classification is one of Science skills we loved doing this week; we had fruits, vegetables and grains to explore with. After exploring with them we had a table of each item and classified them based on their characteristics.

March 26th-30th plans

Monday- puppet show

Tuesday- math

Wednesday- library

Thursday- literacy

Friday- science

Specials:- Mondays- music

- Fridays- art

Reminders:- school is closed for spring break for next week

- old clothes and shoes for art

- please return library folders on Wednesdays

- please send rain coats since the weather is unpredictable.

Have a lovely spring break!!

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