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The Kindergarten Weekly News

Dear Parents,

Spring break is here! We hope you enjoy your break! We have welcomed a new student in our class called Sun! We are so excited to have him in our class!

Small group

This week in math we explored with one,two and three digit numbers. We used beads to help us count and learn these mathematical terms. It became a little tricky when we tried to count in hundreds but we will continue exploring until we master it!

For our Literacy class we continued our rhyming activity from last week and also explored with beginning and ending sounds. We learned that some letters have the same sound but are spelled differently.

This week for art we started individual art projects as we have completed six group projects which will be auctioned for parents on May 12. Please make sure to check them out when you drop by! Here are a few pics from our art class.

March 26-30 plans

Mon- Library and Music

Tue- Ice Sculptures

Wed- Art and Math

Thur- Story telling

Fri- Science(exploring change in texture)


School will be closed next week for Spring break vacation

Have a wonderful break!

Maraki- 0911-48-76-81(

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