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Pre k this week

Dear parents,

What an amazing Easter week! We were super happy to be back in Little Einsteins and go back to our routines. Hope you had fun break.

This week we came up with great ideas for our Airplane center since

most us were able to fly for the break ! We are working on our big plane and trying to figure out how to make the wings stay up.

In Math we had so many colorful shapes and created beautiful and tricky patterns. While exploring, we discovered that we can also make interesting things like rockets and snow flakes. Later on we used these shapes to stick them on a big canvas to make a prize worthy collage!

Next week plans

Monday - Exploring with tools

Tuesday- Math

Wednesday - Library

Thursday- Literacy

Friday- No school (Good Friday)

Specials:- Monday - music

Reminders:- Hats and sun screens

- Return library folder on Wednesday's

- We will be starting an Ethiopian themed center starting next week! We will introduce the culture, styles of living and day to day activities of Ethiopia. Please send any worn out traditional materials that can helpful in building our centre!

Have a lovely Easter weekend!

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