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Pre k's week

Dear parents,

Hope you had a great Easter weekend! We were excited to learn many things about Ethiopia and one of the things we learned is that we have different traditional celebrations. Finally we made plans and started painting Ethiopian flag on paper plates.

Quotes from here and there!

"Look I made my own shape, I like diamonds", "I cut my shape like this and it looks the same as I traced", "Look I created a shape using two different shapes".

Our new excitement this week has been working with tools. Who knew that kids pay attention to their dad using tools to fix stuff at home!They had an amazing knowledge of fixing things, which can be handy in times of need!

Next week plans

Monday - No school

Tuesday - Math

Wednesday- Library

Thuresday- Literacy

Friday- Science

Specials:- Friday - Art

Wed- Library

Mon- Music

Reminders - No school on Monday

- Please return library folders every Wednesdays

-Sun screen and hats

Have a lovely long weekend!!!

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