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Infants and Toddlers

Dear parents,

It was a great week in the Infant, Toddlers and Transitional Toddlers class at little Einsteins. We would like to say Welcome to Victor, our new friend that joined our school.

Large group

We started our large group by making a pattern for our ‘Good Morning’ Song. We sang ‘Mommy’s taking us to the zoo tomorrow’ and our favorite song ‘Ali Baba’s farm’ We kept the same large group book which was “Pee-a-who? ”

Small group explorations

We really had fun time when we were doing our Cars, Truck and trains activity. The children where interested to fix the train truck together by helping each other and they said “lets make the road “ and passed trucks to their friends and tried to put it together in various way to solve a problem.

They also had fun having a car race had some interesting back and forth conversations. “ Look at my car is going fast” and the other one said, “My fire truck is going more fast!”

Next week plans

Monday- Art

Tuesday- Cloud in the Jar


Thursday- See if you can catch water

Friday- Planting

Centres :-Airport, Blocks, Light box, Sand box, Magnets and our new center Ethiopia center.


Please don’t forget to send the children’s library folder on Thursday, as it is their library day.On Wednesday please make sure to send your children with old art clothes.

Infants and Toddler Team,Hannah and Eyassu

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