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The Kindergarten Weekly News

Dear parents,

We are glad to be back after a long weekend! Hope you enjoyed Fasika!!! The teachers sat down this week to discuss about the up and coming art auction. We will discuss with our class next week to ask their opinion as to how they want the party to look like. If you have any ideas you are welcome to share them with us!

Weekly Insight:

We were quite busy this

week for our Literacy class! We played a game during large group to help us find rhyming words. Each card was laid down on the the floor and we were grouped in teams to help each other. For literacy we drew on very long paper at journal time to gather all our great stories on one huge mural! Please have a look when you drop by!

Work time

Thank you to all our friends who shared some

Ethiopian traditional materials for our center!

Our friend had an idea to use the tire and

aluminum foil to bake Injera! The students have decided to add a Train and Boat transportation area in the Airplane center! We shall start the project starting from next week.

Photos from our center!


Mon- Music and Library

Wed- Art


*Please send any worn out traditional materials that can helpful in building our Ethiopian centre!

Have a great weekend!

Maraki- 0911-48-76-81 (

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