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Pre k insight!

Dear parents,

What a week full of hard work as we discussed on how to host an event! This art auction has all of our hard work and ideas engraved on it. We are hoping you love every piece and its meaning to us as much as we enjoyed preparing it, fingers crossed!!

Last week for our family tree and the airport center; so sad that it was the last week as we have to put it down ignorer to get ready for the art auction. We are so proud of how much of our imagination came true in this two projects!

We always wanted to make a book

of our own for our younger Little

Einsteins students.

This last two weeks we were

working on it with the kindergartners

just to find out it will be presented on

the art auction. Hurray to that!!

Next week plans

Monday- Treasure hunt

Tuesday- Math

Wednesday- Library

Thuresday- Journals

Friday- Science

Specials:- Monday -Music

- Friday- Art


- Please send extra clothing due to random weather change.

- Old clothes and shoes for art on Fridays

- Please send library folders on Wednesdays.

Have lovely weekend!!

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