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The Kindergarten Weekly News

Dear parents,

What an amazing week we had! Looks like summer is here! The teachers were quite busy this week as we met everyday to discuss and problem solve matters regarding the art auction. So far our plans are going smoothly. We hope the paparazzi won't be a problem since we will all be dressed up! Lol! Make sure you bring your checks with you!

Week in review:

This week in literacy we tried to analyze the middle and ending sounds

in words. Our zoo-animals were a big

help! We also noticed that some words

have are silent in the end such as 'cake',

'plane' and 'bike'

For science class we talked about changes and their causes . We were so fascinated to find out how little things can affect and change things around us. So we tasted different ripe and unripe fruits; mixed flour with water and vinegar; dissolved salt and sugar; felt the texture of cooked and uncooked food such as rice.

Silly Moments!

"We are the silly people in town!"

​ "This is the dance you dance at weddings!

"Maraki! I think your glasses look better on me!"

Have a lovely weekend!

Maraki- 0911-48-76-81 (

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