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Early Preschool

Dear parents

We’re sad to announce that next Thursday is going to be our last day of the school year. It was awesome year we had together.

The kids enjoyed talking about their favorite activities and games. Some of the phrases they use were “We play soccer” “we play Dodge ball but we play inside because it’s going to rain.” We also read books. Their favorite was ‘The giving tree’ and they also danced to our favorite songs.

This week’s small group was mainly focused on the kid’s interest of fun activities. We let them choose what they want to do for the whole week and the coming week as well. They choose a very sociable, full of fun and a lot of teamwork based activities like playing Doge ball, Soccer, Water fun, Hide and Seek, Duck Duck Goose. This week’s favorite activity was ‘Bug in the Rug’. The kids loved to find out who was the Bug in the Rug.

Next week (based on the kid’s interest)

Monday- Hide and Seek

Tuesday- Soccer

Wednesday- Doge Ball

Thursday- Last day of school


  • On 14ththere will be a last day of school celebration. Families can come and join the celebration after 10:30.

  • Please don’t forget to bring a flash drive to receive photos.

  • If you haven’t returned library books and folders, Please make sure to send them by June 11 in order to get the portfolios and photos.

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