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Pre-School and Early Pre-k

Dear Parents,

Having hard time in finding bowling and golfing teachers? Well Pre school and Early Pre k to the rescue!! our week was full of fun and excitement as we been playing golfing and bowling. We were so good that it was so hard for us to go for snack time!! we are planning to score!!

Large group

Our large group was as musically and full of silly movement as last week. We had a talk about being helpful and respectefull to each other and the book "Be Carefull Barny" helped us a lot. We continued to sing our "Enkutatash" and we have a lot of progress.

Next week plans

Mon- Puzzel and Playdogh









  • School will be closed on Sep 11 for Ethiopian New Year.

  • Please make sure to send extra clothes and shoes for our messy activities.

  • Please remember to send Library folders on Fridays for check outs.

  • Please make sure to send Boots and Jackets for the rainy weather.

Have a Great Weekend!

Miraf +251 921 259 175

Tesfaey +251 920 505 243

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