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Pre-School and Early Pre-k

Dear parents,

We continued having more fun in our Pre School and Early Pre-school class. We introduced celebration of Ethiopian New Year and talked about some of Ethiopian Cultural Foods, Drinks and Clothings. We had fun spelling out their names!! We are planning to introducing them to the famous Ethiopian New Year cultural song "Abebayehush".

Large group

In our large group we have been reading our favorite book 'Three Little Pigs” and dancing and moving around in silly way with our favorite songs 'The Freeze Song' and 'I am a Big Old Tree'.

Small group

We were very creative while exploring with Puzzle and Play dough, we

come up with different shapes and with our ideas of creating castle. In our Math time, we explored with Pipe cleaners, Beads a colored cups and we did some sorting, pattern and also get creative with making different Bracelet, Rings and Necklets. We still continued talking about our gardening in our science exploration. Literacy was very exciting as we explored with making shape of letters with play dough and Popsicle sticks.

Next week plans

Mon- Puzzel and Playdogh









  • Please make sure to send extra clothes and shoes for our messy activities.

  • We will be starting specials (Library, Art and Music) next week!

Please make sure to send boots and jackets for the rainy weather.

Have a great weekend!

Miraf +251 921 259 175

Tesfaey +251 920 505 243

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