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The Kindergarten Weekly News

Kindergarteners are often enthusiastic writers and

they will entwine writing activities into their play. Provide budding writers with experiences that give them something to write about. Children at this age can translate their own drawing and are confident to read aloud their drawing!

What students are able to do as a writer?

• Students in the emergent stage of writing have an idea of what he/she wants to share.

• They use many details in their picture. They have several people in their picture — someone on the street, someone in a building, and a bus driver. The drawing has many details in the setting — buildings, a house, the street, and a sunny day.

• He shows a sense of balance by centering the picture on the page.

What do students need to learn next?

Students could begin to use letters and words to express his ideas by being encouraged to label the important parts of their picture with a beginning sound.

Taking dictation for students not yet fluent in writing allows students to see how oral language is translated into written language. Written words let students see what they say. Therefore, writing makes thoughts visible.

Continue to provide your student writer with experiences that give them something to write about. Trips to the park, post office, and grocery store provide real-life experiences that can be recorded by a new writer. Concept sorts are another great way to infuse new vocabulary into everyday conversations.

What happened this week?

We have spent the past couple of weeks creating and writing our stories. As a teacher, it was such an honor to witness the birth of these amazing authors. Little Einsteins have signed these authors under its label and will be publishing their book! Our bookstore is currently under work as the authors wanted to make their grand opening party one of a kind!

We are sad that Yodit will be leaving Little Einsteins. We shared many wonderful moments! We wish you all the best Yodi!!! Please come to visit us at our family events!

We are happy that Negede will be teaching the pre-k class. The kindergarten class is excited to share the learning journey with you!


Thursday: Music and Movement

Tuesday: Art


The school will be closed from Nov 5th to 9th for fall break and Teacher training.

Have a wonderful fall break!


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