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Pre-K and Kindergarten

Hope you had a brilliant and productive week! The weather these days is so hot, but we are glad to have the ocean center to cool us off!

These past few weeks the Pre-k and kindergarten were together for circle time and explored together on some small group activities. Starting from next week Julieta and Leon will join the kindergarten class! We also have new friends ( Marlow, Rachel and Isheja) who will be joining the pre-k class. Welcome!!!

Kids are amazing observers. They immediately notice any change in their surrounding. The miniute the saw the newly built green house, they asked to go and explore. We will use the house for our rabbits that will soon join Little Einsteins’!

Here are some fun anecdotes!

Noah- what will the rabbits play with?

Leon- the stairs look slippery. Let me go and check if it’s safe!

Sun- the house looks like for chickens!


With the help of our zoo-phonics, we were able to combine letters to form words from the cards that were given to us. We also helped each other out when some sounds that were tricky to identify. To make it even more interesting, Anne wanted to spell out the color of our clothes.


We enjoyed creating unique designs with different beads. We made a house, a rainbow, a car, and a triangle cake. It was inspiring for the students that the class was extended for an hour! The next day we worked on identifying four or more single-digit numerals with worksheets.


These past few weeks we have been discussing and learning about the ocean. We spent our days researching and reading everything about this topic. Our next project will be creating two artworks. We decided that we want to have two because we found out during our research that the ocean looks different during the day and night. So we split into two groups and went to the office to research more on the computer.


Tuesday is our Art day, please make sure your child wear their ‘Art clothes’ because we use paints and our activities get messy!

Please send your child with sunscreen and hat.

Have a great weekend!

Pre-k and Kindergarten Team

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