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Infants and Toddlers

It was an eventful week for the Infants and Toddlers, we changed the setting of our large group room which was a new thing for the children but they where still excited to see changes. We are happy to say, we have welcomed a new friend to our group, and his name is Gio. And on other note please make sure you free your calendar on March 9 as we are going to be hosting our second Family Day.

This week for large group we added a new corner in our large group-room called the Animal Corner. We added this corner because the children were really excited about all the animals we had during our exploring with animals activity. We also invited our friends from other the groups on Friday to show them our animal corner.

For small group this week we repeated some of the activities, just as a recap some of the activities we had were, exploring with animals, watering the plants and exploring with tree barks. They had fun exploring with animals, the children looked at different pictures of different animals and they tried to name the animals they recognized and we helped them with some of the animals they didn’t know, they also tried to imitate the sounds some of the animals make.

Next week plans


Tuesday-Things we find in our Garden


Thursday-Treasure Hunting

Friday-Feed the Fish

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