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Pre-K & Kindergarten News

We spent our week socializing with our younger friends. Playing tag with our teachers and learning new topics. The weather seems to change these past few days, as it was extremely hot and windy at the same time. Anne taught it was kind of playing hide and seek with us! Miss Maraki was sick the last few days and was out, we are glad you are back healthy!

We have new members in our pre- k and kindergarten class. Isheja, Marlow, and Rachel have joined our pre k class while Julieta and Leon have joined the kindergarten class. Our new members have adapted to their new class quite well. Our pre k and kindergarten classes have welcomed our new friends with joy. We all are happy about these new transitions.


Both our pre-k and kindergarten class have been discussing our oceans and did several activities on making oceans samples. We have also worked on our marine life. Our exploration for the week was working on ships and boats. We discussed what kinds of boats there are. Andre said, “some boats that carry cars from one side to the other side” describing ferry ships. Seven said “there are boats that have swimming pools and houses on them” describing cruise ships.

Sun told us about aircraft carriers from the previous week. After our discussions, we went to our art class, and we all had different colored papers to make our paper boats to float on our ocean sample. All of us tried to make our version of paper boats that we would then take to our ocean sample. We each took turns to float our paper ships on our ocean. After each of us tried several ways to float our boats, we discovered that when the water got in the paper boats, they all sank. Next week we will continue this exploration by making different boats that would float.

Math pre- k and kindergarten:

Learning new skills requires dedication, hard work and believing in ourselves that we can achieve anything we want if we set our minds to it. We kicked off our kindergarten math class by exploring different ways in which we can count in 2's.

We even challenged ourselves to see if we can count in 3's, 4's and 5's. We can tell it wasn't easy but that won’t stop us from trying even harder. Later on we played with our counting dinosaurs. We lined them up and we created interesting stories. Heres one!

Anne:- The ones in the front are the boss. They are taking their team to find food.

Our pre-k math activity started with our board matching items and numbers. Our new members were very active. We all named our shapes before counting how many there were. We had triangles, squares, rectangles, and circles. After we enjoyed our board activity, we went outside and worked on simple but fun item matching activity.


The main activity for our pre-k literacy activity was working on

beginning sounds We all had two zoo-phonic and had a turn and in making the beginning sounds of our letters. We played a game using our letters and songs. We spread our zoo-phonic letters on all over our floor, and we all stood up on letters. When our music played we dance and when we posed our song our teacher would make beginning sounds of letters we would try to pick up the letters.

Our kindergarten students this week worked on some CVC and Sight word worksheets. We had fun solving the questions and later on matched the answers to their correct column. Our teacher gave us high fives when we worked in teams and helped each other out!


After many weeks of research and discussion, we are happy to have started the first session of painting for our ocean project. Our project consists of a night and day representation of the ocean. Our project will be continued to add more exciting features to our project in the coming weeks. Stay tuned! We used light blue paint for our day ocean, and we used dark blue paint for our night ocean.

We split into two groups. Noha, Andre, Leon, Owen, seven and Bella worked on our night ocean

canvas. Anna, Julieta, Marlow, Camilla, and Rachel worked on our day ocean canvas. We each painted our canvas with our daytime and nighttime colors.

Have a great weekend!

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