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Early Preschool Insight

Dear parents

Another family day celebration is around the corner. We are so excited to celebrate the special day with Little Einstein’s community. The kids and teachers are planning to have a fun 'environment-themed' family day. So book your date to March 9th starting from 11 am to 2 pm.

Highlight of the week

• This week’s large groups were fun. We made a new reading corner in the classroom. The kids enjoyed going to the corner to read the books. This week’s favorite book was ‘Snow White’. We also enjoyed singing the ‘down by the bay’ song.

• One of the fun activities we did was our literacy activity on Tuesday. We went out for zoo-phonics letters to hunt. The kids enjoyed going around the school to find the hidden letters and talked about the sounds they make. The excitement on the kids faces when they find the hidden letters was thrilling. Next week we are planning to have a puppet show.

• On Monday, in our math activity continued our counting activity using beads and fruits and number labeled container. The idea is to help them count the fruits and beads and finding the right container for how much they counted. The activity involves a lot of movement and counting. so the kids enjoyed it. We will continue to do it next week too.

• In our science, we continued the carrot planting activity by getting ready the ground for proper planting. We used shovels, diggers, and water to help us prepare for the final plowing next Tuesday. We are looking forward to monitoring the growth and developments of the garden.

• For our fun Thursday, we played musical dots. The kids talked about the rules of the game and played it accordingly. The kids had three rounds of the play and three different winners. The kids enjoyed playing together and competing each other.

• Our continued art activity took us to painting and color mixing this week. We talked about how we can mix the primary colors of yellow and red and what the result will be. Before we start mixing the paint, we did experiments with different materials on the lightbox. We used red and yellow coins, glasses, and paper. After we predicted and the saw the results which were orange, we went to art and mixed yellow and red paints to painted our dough we molded in zoo-phonics letters last week. Next week we will stick these letters on the canvas.

Have a great Adwa victory celebration and weekend.

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