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Early Preschool Insight

Dear parents,

What fantastic week we had!! We want to thank parents for attending the family day last Saturday here are some pictures from that action-packed event.

Large groups

This week’s large groups were focused on the environment, and our sticking wall is filled with leaves and flowers the kids brought from outside. The wall gives us clear insight on what will happen to flowers if we cut them and the kids witness what will happen to them each morning. Other parts of the large group include message board and music. On the message board, we focused on shapes, patterns, writing skills, and social interaction. When we come from the break, we are planning to keep all of the large group activities and add the pupate show.

Primary focuses on small group exploration include patterns in math, planting in science, puppets show in literacy, library, and art project.

Patterns – we practiced our pattern making skills using soft blocks. We tried to make simple patterns of our own. Noah made his simple patterns using triangles and rectangles.

Science – we had scheduled to plant our carrots on the family day, but since only Celeste and Hazel planted on that day, we organized another planting session for the whole class. So on a Tuesday, we grab our shovels and water buckets to plant our carrots. The kids did a fantastic job in digging a hole and watering it first before they put the seeds. And in the end, we agreed to water them every morning so they won’t dry out.

Literacy – pupate show was the most fun we had this week. The puppets Nigel and Max took us to another adventure on how they solve conflicts between friends. It was fun from the start to the end, and the kids were laughing out loud. The story gets interesting when Nigel tried to snatch max’s food. They had an agreement, and they solved it without any physical dispute only through verbal communication. In the end, the kids tried to share their stories with the kids, but most of them were shy and ask Henock to tell their story.

Art projects

We continued our art projects as expected but unfortunately, the last art piece we made was damaged, and we were forced to make another ‘letter based’ work. So on Thursday morning, we painted our canvases orange as the kids requested and we tried to trace the zoo-phonics animals using strew packing paper. We traced lower case letters like t,v,z,l,y, and n. after the break we are planning to make another piece on numbers.


In music, we explored with musical instruments, and we practiced on how we can make study beat. We also had our regular gymnastic session with instructor Mr. Yonas. On this session, we drilled two feet jumps. One of the After school activities we had in the school is Gymnastics with Mr. Yonas if your kid shows interest in having a flexible body, please bring them Mondays, and Wednesdays at 3:30 pm for 1 hour of gymnastics for the fee of 250/session.


* The school will be closed for Spring Break from March 18 – March 22.

* Dear parents, we would like to invite you to our classes after the spring break. All you have to do is inform us ( via text, phone call or email) on which day you want to come and join us. It would be fun and useful for you to engage with your child in our environment and understand what we do in person. We will be glad to have you here!

* On Thursdays please make sure your child wears old clothes and shoes for art. It could get messy.

* Due to unknown weather conditions, Please pack both hot and cold weather clothes and gears

* Don’t forget to bring library folders on Wednesdays.

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