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Early Preschool Insights

Dear parents,

We had such an amazing week filled with lots of fun and messy activities. Here are the activities in detail. We welcomed Zak back from his trip and the kids were glad to see him.

Large group

This weeks’ large groups include reading books, singing songs and the message board.

The two books which were requested to be read were the ‘Frozen book’ and “if you take a mouse to the movies’.

The kids happily chose songs they wanted to sing, and so far ‘Baba Black Sheep’ and ‘Apples and Bananas’ lead the favorites chart.

On the message board We tried to discuss about the constantly changing weather and how we should dress, the shape patterns’ and ‘guess the animals’.

Small group explorations

Math: on Monday we kicked off this week’s explorations by making patterns. We tried to update our pattern making skills from where we left off before the break. We practiced making our own patterns through using shapes. Most of the kids managed to create patterns of their own using two shapes. While Nolawi tried to understand the tools for making patterns with the help of his teachers, Hazel managed to come up with her own patterns by putting together circles and squares. Next week we are planning to switch our pattern activities to measuring.

Messy activities: we enjoyed two messy activities this week. The first was when we tried to explore how water affects colors, weight and texture. We explored with dry sand, soil, rocks, and sponge. The kids engaged in the activity through applying water to the dry materials and observing the changes. Some quotes from the activity include Celeste putting water on the rocks and saying “it’s turning to black”, Dalia adding water to the soil and saying “look, its muddy and sticky”. We will continue doing this activity next week with different materials.

The other messy activity we did was ‘how many squeezes will it take to fill your cup’. The kids used sponges to fill their cups with water and count how many squeezes it takes to fill them up. the kids enjoyed playing with water and at the same time practiced counting and measuring.

Next week we are planning to have obstacle course games on Thursday.

On Our Zoo phonics exploration, we enjoyed exploring with 8 lower-case letters. The letters were T,G,Y,C,H,L,A,Q.

Have a great week!

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