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Kindergarten Weekly News!

Welcome back! Hope you all had a restful spring break! We had a fruitful training on Tuesday and Wednesday where we got a chance to reflect on some ideas. We went over our curriculum and discussed how we could improve our ways of teaching and problem solving along the way when faced with challenging situations.

The students, on the other hand, were so thrilled to be back! Some traveled, some stayed here in Addis. Sun shared with us many experiences from his trip to South Africa. “It is a beautiful place. I went to three cities on a bus!”- Sun

Our week in review!


We have improved our play this week. Our writer Sun worked with his friends on creating a story called ‘The beach, mountain, and friends.’ We were so busy on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday trying to write and gather ideas for the new play.

On Tuesday Sun decided to modify the whole class setting, as his stage needed to have a bigger space. We also took the triangle shaped shelf from the bookstore so it could portray the mountain in our play.

We got back together on Thursday to work on our mountain. We chose green and orange colored paper to cover the triangle shaped shelf. We taped both papers on the shelf and scheduled things to do for the next day.

Continuing from the previous day, we sat down to review if we needed to add more materials to the stage. We decided that it would make it look even more realistic if we went outside and got leaves and flowers to represent our mountain. We made sure not to harm our environment and only to take a few flowers and leaves that were dry!


We continued to practice our writing skills on Monday. We used small sentence strips to help us with our pencil grasp and proper letter formation. Later on, we used our board to practice a bit more! Leon noticed that it is not easy to write on the board!

Sun chose to explore more sentence strips and asked Maraki to explore too. After seeing how she was writing Sun said,

‘Maki why is your handwriting different from us?’

Maraki- mine is cursive, that’s why!

Sun- What? I can’t see any letters! Where are they?

Maraki- Come look closer!

Sun- Oh I see one! I see ‘E’ but not the rest! You must change your writing!

Next week Plans

Monday- Games with Miraf

Tuesday- Math ( weights)

Wednesday- Sight words

Thursday- Story telling

Friday- Science (exploring color shades)

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