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Early Preschool This week

Dear parents

We had such a fantastic week. The kids did well in welcoming Yang Yang and Hatcher to the group. We hope they can make great friends in the future. Here is a review of how our week passed.

Reminder: We will be closed on Friday April 26th and 29th for Easter Celebration. We will also be closed on May 1st for Labour Day.

Large groups

Books – this week’s favorite book was “recipe for bedtime.” Dominic asked if the teacher can read to everyone. The kids enjoyed reading it together.

Songs – we continued singing the “hello song,” and we also sang “apples and bananas song,” “down by the bay song,” “shrug your shoulders” and “Ali Baba's farm.”

Message board – the messages we had in the board this week were Patterns, counting, guess the animal, conversation about the upcoming events and story time.

Small groups

Math – this week in math we matched single digit numbers. Since the kids started recognizing single-digit numbers and their values, we challenged them to match flash cards with the print out numbers on the wall. We took out numbers on the flash cards and counted the items together to know their value. Then we asked each kid to find the same number on the wall.

Next week we are planning to make shapes using magnates.

Science – Tuesday science exploration was the most fun. We enjoyed making “magic milk.” During our experiment, we pretended to be magicians and made magical milk that moves by itself. What we used were milk and food coloring, and when we added soap on top of it, it moved the milk around and made a sudden movement. The kids were excited about the way the milk moved and the fantastic color combinations.

Next week we are planning to go outside to visit our carrot garden.

Literacy – this week we continued our “letter hide and seek” activity from last week. This week we divided the kids into two groups of hiders and finders. When the finders found one hidden zoo-phonics animal, we asked them to name the animal out loud. Hazel and Noah were our top rank finders, while Dalia proved to be one of the best hiders. After both teams took turns, we sat down for a wrap up to name the letters the kids have found.

Art – this week we made collaborative numbers art. We used different color paint, and we enjoyed making collaborative art in two groups. First, we painted the canvases light blue and light green, and then we stamped different numbers using the 3D letters.

Have a great week!!

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