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Kindergarten Weekly News

Hope you had an awesome week! The staff this week was busy choosing their group’s artworks for our up and coming Art Auction Event! Wishing you a happy Easter for our Catholic Families!

Reminder: We will be closed on Friday April 26th and 29th for Easter Celebration. We will also be closed on May 1st for Labour Day.

What happened this week!


We continued working with our volcano activity this week. We created two huge mountains filled with lava. For our lava, we used Coca-Cola. Our mountain was ready for the volcanic eruption. After we discussed what to expect when we use the secret ingredient, (which was Mentos mint candy) we added our secret ingredient in our mountain, which made an impressive eruption of foam! We were all in awe!!!

Before exploring our second volcano we put a mint candy in the erupted volcano, and there was no foam. We concluded that once the volcano erupts, it wouldn’t erupt again for quite some time. We continued the activity with the other mountain, and we had a blast exploring our volcanoes.


We took on the role of an architect this week as we explored various methods and techniques to build a house. We used our scales to measure our blocks to check if they balanced well for the buildings.

The students shared their experiences when one makes a house. They asked questions back and forth and problem solved along the way. Later on we made various designs using blocks, crayons and tongue depressor.


We continued exploring with our word wall this week. We had different cards laid out, and as we got to each letter, we referred to it as a guide to writing down more letters. It was a new and fun experience for the kindergartners. We will be exploring more in depth!

Games with Miraf

This week we have decided to wash our school playing equipments as it was a chance for us to cool off!!! After the students washed the bikes and swings, they played a little game called “passing a cup of water over their head!” Everyone lined up and tried to pass a cup of water to their friend at the back! Some spilled it accidentally and some deliberately, whats the fun if you cant play with water!!!


This year most of our artworks focused on the environment and the shapes we see around us.

Each week after we explored arts, new ideas arose from our class. We problem solved that day and planned for the coming week!

While we were exploring with wiggly lines, Camilla noticed that if the wiggly lines connect, they will make a circle, a funny looking circle. After listening to her observation, Sun suggested working with circle things for next week’s art. He went to the art room and found the CDs!

Next Week Plans!

Monday- Language( Word Wall) and Library

Tuesday- Science and Art

Wednesdsy- Math (Designs & Building)

Thursday- Games with Miraf

Friday- Story telling

Have a nice weekend!!!

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