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Hope you had an amazing week. We sure did! It was another fresh and fun week. We come up with a new game in our class about “finding the number”. When the teacher calls one of the kid’s names and asks them to find any number, he/she goes to find the number on the mat. And the same goes for shapes, too.

Reminder: We will be closed on Friday April 26th and 29th for Easter Celebration. We will also be closed on May 1st for Labour Day.

What we have done in our small group

Rhyming Monday: we’re still continuing doing our rhyming words and the kids are getting good at it. We also tried to come up with words that rhyme with their names, which they had fun trying to come up with.

Next Monday: kids will be doing puzzles, as we have seen them being so interested in doing puzzles.

Shapes Tuesday: we introduced 2D shapes, even though most of the kids are aware of it. This week was just an introduction and we also had a very “yummy” math activity with cereals! They counted the numbers and put the same amount of cereals on the plate, and when they got it right, well they would eat the cereals (don’t worry, the plates were very clean!!). For the kids the most fun part was the eating part, so they worked very hard to get it right!!

Next Tuesday: kids will be composing shapes.

Magic milk Wednesday: we repeated our “magic milk” experiment as

per request. This time, they made beautiful Art first before making the magic with soup. It’s a fun experiment, which you all can do at home with your kids. All you need is milk, liquid soup and food colors (primary colors would be good). You also need a toothpick to mix everything together very gently to create a beautiful art, like our kids did! They will definitely show you how. Then after mixing it gently, all you have to do is drop a little soup in the middle and the rest is for you to see!

Next Wednesday: we will be doing a little experiment with volcanoes! Our other friends did the experiment and it got our attention. For more details, please read our next week’s blog!

Cooperative game with kindergarteners: since it was a bit of a sunny week, we had a plan for washing our school bikes. This week, our other friends had a plan to have a bike race, so we had to change our plan to wash the school play structure and swings, it was Anne’s idea. After the kids were done, they played a little game called “passing a cup of water over their head!” they lined up and pass the cup of water to their friend at the back! Some spilled it accidentally and some deliberately, after all what is water fun without spilling water, right?

Next Thursday: cooperative game with K-G’s

Our specials

Art: as we said earlier, kids began with shapes. We related that to our art and did some shape stamping.

Have a great weekend.

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